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Malayalam Movie Download Max Manus: Man Of War > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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The true story about one of the most brilliant saboteurs during World War II and his battle to overcome his inner demons.
Although being a Norwagian WWII film, Max Manus has that international appeal because it&#39;s about something the whole world experienced.<br/><br/>Following Max and his saboteur friends is a real pleasure and a very realistic depiction of the occupation of Norway. It&#39;s the first time i have seen a Norwagian film of this &quot;epic&quot; quality and i hope we get more in the future.<br/><br/>If you have seen a lot of WWII movies don&#39;t think this will be just another one. This one gives you a take on the more hidden parts of the war and follows a small resistance group trying to save their small country from one of the biggest empires the world has seen.<br/><br/>So in conclusion i would recommend anyone interested in good foreign films or just good historical films in general.
I had this for my birthday, and unsurprisingly once again found that a &#39;Straight to DVD&#39; movie is a hidden gem. Although it starts off a little slow it quickly becomes apparent this is necessary to illustrate the background of each of the protagonists.<br/><br/>I was pleased to see it was in the original Norwegian except where necessary, because although I do not speak the language myself I am not a fan of &#39;Herr Kapitan, vhy are ve speakink English?&#39; style of movie where everyone speaks English regardless of nationality. The subtitles were at times a little obtrusive as you&#39;d end up with the translation and the ordinary title - such as showing location - at the same time.<br/><br/>The portrayal of the main characters was superb but none better than that of Max himself. You are drawn throughout the movie along with him from the brash young boy, taking ridiculous risks, to the mature leader of his men in wartime, to the ending with his despair that although peace has come finally to Europe it is too late for so many of his closest friends who didn&#39;t live to see it. In this lies the true strength of the movie; it is real. It is not a gung-ho happily ever after story. It portrays war not as it affects countries, but as it *actually* affects those involved, and shows that the effects don&#39;t go away just because everyone stopped shooting.
Despite the subtitles, it's basically a slice of formulaic Hollywood-style mythmaking, writ large and woefully empty.

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