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A stoner - who is in fact a government agent - is marked as a liability and targeted for extermination. But he's too well-trained and too high for them to handle.
In Liman, the pothead Mike Howell is hunted down by the CIA under the command of agent Adrian Yates. However Mike is a skilled assassin trained by CIA and his mentor Victoria Lasseter activates him. Soon he learns that Yates wants to shutdown the program and kills him. Now Mike and his girlfriend Phoebe Larson need to escape from a CIA team of assassins.
Just watched this movie with my movie theatre-working friend. He hadn't seen it before and when it was all over, he thought it was weird. Well, it may have been that but it was also quite entertaining though not as funny as I thought it would be though that was okay because I liked the drama concerning the romance of the Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart characters. Also interesting seeing Connie Britton and Topher Grace playing two agents on opposite sides. Quite riveting with all those action sequences. So on that note, I recommend American Ultra. P.S. As a resident of Louisiana, I have to note that this was shot at various places in my state (though not in my current hometown of Baton Rouge). Also that one of the players, Michael Papajohn, had arrived here in BR in 1985 when he attended LSU and played baseball for the Tigers in the College World Series in '86 and '87 for that school. It was also while there that he started in films as a stunt double for Dennis Quaid when Quaid's movie, Everybody's All-American, was shot at the school during the '87 season. From there, he'd also do stunts for Titanic and The Waterboy and other movies before eventually transitioning to acting in pictures like Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3 and, most recently, Jurassic World.
I love a mindless action film as much as anybody, I don't have high standards or make pretentious judgments, I can suspend disbelief and swallow a ridiculous plot or premise in the name of good fun, but this was just too much. I should have known better, and there were clear warning signs, but I thought if it has Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, it can't be all bad. I was so wrong. The two stars were great together in 'Adventureland'- which was also unlikely, but turned out to be a smart, sweet dose of nostalgia. They are talented actors who choose good films ('Twilight' being the clear exception). Stewart is mesmerising and gorgeous on screen, and that was the only reason this film deserves even one star. Maybe I'm missing the point, maybe it is meant to be contrived and flimsy, but the violence is so over the top and seemingly without a trace of comedy or even irony. Maybe Tarantino could have puled something like this off, but to see a bunch of talented actors trying to work with such a turd of a plot and script just made me cringe.
Too often plays like an earnest yet unsatisfying adaptation of a cult graphic novel, with most of the charm lost in translation.
No, but the conclusion of the Manila mission is shown in cartoon form during the credits. See here or here for more information.
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